Comments for Armitstead Barnett

"Their sales team is efficient and keep you informed and up to date with all the latest developments."

Faith Garrett- 15th January '06

"I thought AB's property selection was good, however, I would liked to have seen a few more larger land plots avaialable."

K. Fenton - 17th October '05

"Dispite eventually not purchasing the land I was initially interested (through no fault of Armistead Barnett) I was happy with the customer service they provided me."

Hector Donnington - 3rd September '05

"AB deal with Livestock and Machinery. I gave then a ring when I was selling up to move with my Daughter abroad. They really helped me and made me aware of options I had not previously thought of."

Mr N. Flannigan- 30th August '05

"AB provide a useful service for Residential Property Letting. I'm in the final stages of buying a property to let, I will definitely be giving AB a call."

P. Hepsie - 12th June '05

" Do you have anything for sale in the North West?"

Mr Inkis - 22nd May '05

"AB is one of those companies you should have in your favourites list."

Roger Caine- 3rd April '05

"Communications with AB were always swift."

Steph Raeburn - 9th February '05

"I was looking some a commercial setting either to lease or purchase outright. However AB unfortunately didn't have anything on their books at the time, but 5 months down the line I received a phone call. My business is now flourishing. Thanks for keeping me in mind for all those months."

E. Harper - 14th January '05

"AB gave me some sound advice concerning the sale of some Equestrian land I owned. I was very satified with the price i received."

Harvey Orgen - 28th October '04

"Armistead Barnett helped me obtain a commercial property for my furniture business."

Andy Radcliff - 13th August '04

"We discovered land sales after my wife and I were looking on this website for a second home. We haven't purchased any land yet but it's a possibility for future investment."

J Bassi - 1st July '04

"Their land sales are very reasonable with some plots under 20,000."

A D Stiles - 24th June '04

"What a brilliant website! It's such a shame they have no land for sale in the south but I still recommend them. Very sound advice!"

T Amin - 3rd May '04

"If anyone is looking for land for equestrian purposes then you should see Armistead Barnett."

Jayashree - 17th March '04

"A mutual friend of my wife and I bought a romantic old school building which he has beautifully converted to live in. At first he was seeking to convert it into residential units but after much negotiation with the wife decided to renovate it and keep its illustrious exterior."

Mr William Rice - 13th Feb '04

"I discovered that a couple of fields I own could be sold off to the highest bidder - AB said that property companies and developers are clamouring for such land, especially since three sites next to mine have just had planning permission granted on them!"

P Smith- 23rd Nov '03

"Good valuation advice for my brewery in Lancashire. Thanks!"

Paul Copperfield - 2nd Sep '03

"Need to get a pony paddock? Try these good folks!"

Peter Armitage - 20th May '03

"I would like to find some wood land for sale in the South of England."

Ben Rowley - 20th Feb '03

"They have some good, cheap farmland that I'm considering buying."

Frederick Knight - 14 Apr '03

"AB seem to be the only ones that could help me acquire some industrial (warehouse) land for sale.excellent."

Elaine Mews - 12th Feb '03

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