Comments for DDM Agriculture

"It must be noted that after you have bought your dream property at auction, DDM can also supply you with information concerning farm machinery sales. A perfect package."

Gordon Hyde - 10th January 2006

"My husband and I were impressed with your services. Well done all round."

A. Daniels - 21st November 2005

"Lovely plot with a possible future move towards converting an old barn and two derelict outhouses. Cheers DDM."

Matthew Clarke - 24th October 2005

"More tailored towards people interested in farm land, rather then development or building plots."

D. Jaffa - 17th August 2005

"We been in farming for some years now. We recently looked at upsizing, however we unfortunately found that we were unable to afford the type of land in the location we were looking for. Let it not be said though that we used various companies and went to many auctions and found DDM Agriculture to be a very useful, friendly and informative service. Thank You."

Clare and Tim Lutterworth - 11th June 2005

"Useful information on agricultural land sales. Helpful company. I would recommend them in the future."

Christopher - 23rd April 2005

"They answered any questions I had concerning rural land auctions. Good service."

John O'Hara - 9th April 2005

"It is often worth giving DDM a phone call as they are often able to supply up to date details of forthcoming land auctions."

T.D. Jacobs - 7th March 2005

"Some really nice pieces of land for agricultural use. However, if you are looking for small sites for builing on you might find the sites far too large. Some are in excess of 100 acres!"

Jayne Burton - 12th January 2005

"We've used DDM in the past and found it to be a useful resource, certainly one of the first places you should try when moving into the rural / agricultural land market."

P & J Archer - 15th November 2004

"Do you have any small sites with existing buildings, barns, stables etc that might be convertible?"

Trevor - 3rd October 2004

"Some nice sized rural sites, well worth a look."

Keith Paignton - 29th August 2004

"DDM is worth bookmarking for rural land sales."

C. MacNamara - 17th July 2004

"Hi Mark - have you tried ? There are several land agents listed here on UK Land Directory which have plots with planning permission. Could you visit your local estate agents ? I know places like Putterills , strConells and Strutt and Parker often have land for sale with planning permission ."

Douglas Montague, Self Build Consultant - 25th May 2004

"DDM have building plots and farm land for sale but it's never where I'm looking for. Can anyone recommend a land agent with building plots for sale that have planning permission ?"

Mark - 19th May 2004

"If you're looking for a conversion project then you should look at DDM Agriculture ASAP. They currently have a listed farmhouse for sale on 150 acres of arable land that is 'ripe for conversion'."

Brian Goldsworthy - 12th May 2004

"Although I've not yet been successful in getting a building plot I'm always looking at this site for land."

David Evans - 17th Mar '04

"Quality information service on forthcoming land auctions."

H. Giovanni - 14th Feb '04

"The didn't have any building plots for sale when I last looked, only 196 acres of farm land for sale! A bit too much!"

H. Giovanni - 4th Dec '03

"I'm interested in the land they have in North Lincolnshire - what kind of price would I be looking at for land with different kinds of planning permission, as opposed to land without any?"

S Malik - 24th Nov '03

"DDM have some nice rural properties for sale, but I think I would need to take an expert along to the auctions at which they are sold, just in case!"

Ellen Crawford - 3rd Nov '03

"Useful, if you're a farmer-type or involved in rural land. But I want something closer to the city. Where should I look?"

Richard Meers - 7th Sep '03

"My husband is a long-time farmer and we wanted to find some land for sale in Kent, and after using DDM's site, we found them professional and friendly."

Elsie and John Hutton - 23rd Aug '03

"They seemed well-geared up to answer my questions on rural land ownership and land for sale."

Adam Simmons - 8 May '03

"Nice plot for sale in North Lincolnshire with a barn for conversion, sounds good."

A Hinkley - 8 May '03

"Does anyone know where I can find some more land for sale in the South East? I would really like to self build my own home."

Susan Ward - 26 Apr '03

"I like the fact that their rural properties have large areas of land, gives a lot of building flexibility."

John Mills - 9th Jan '03

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