Comments for Shuldham Calverley

"Call up for a Residencial catalogue, it's certainly worth investigating."

Vince Sloane - 10th January '06

"Great customer service. Helped me with land valuation."

L. Perry - 26th December '05

"Excellent service covering the Chesterfield area."

Benjamin Jocosa - 19th November '05

"Shuldham Calverley cover a wide spectrum of property, both commcercial and residential, and land."

Barry Addison - 13th September '05

"They had some lovely cottages on their books. Exactly what I was looking for."

Daniel Angus - 4th August '05

"Can anyone recommend an agent for dealing with commercial property for sale (or lease) in the Leicestershire area? I'm in Whetstone."

David Hall - 1st May '05

"They have a specialist department for dealing with commercial property, making the search for buiness premises more precise. Give them a call."

Oliver Simps - 25th April '05

"Excellent glossy brochures and sales materials. Informative and concise."

F. Craven - 13th February '05

"I like this company. Very friendly people to talk to."

S. Danchev - 5th November '04

"Useful for valuing land or property."

J. Bourne - 22nd September '04

"I found that too. I had to email them directly to ask for their Farms and Land for Sale Brochure "

M. Haughton - 2nd June '04

"I couldn't see any investment land on their website?"

Mike - 31st May '04

"Does anyone know of a company that can advise me on purchasing farmland in Kent - I can't seem to find many companies with land in this area. Any suggestions would be appreciated!"

Lawrence Knight - 23rd Nov '03

"Shuldham Calverley advised me to proceed with the sale of my farmland to a land agency - I was able to get shot of more than 200 acres at a good price. Apparently, this is becoming more common, land speculation."

T Simms, Farmer - 16th Nov '03

"I'm considering purchasing some land that has recently been used for industrial chemicals purposes (with a possibility of contamination!), and Shuldham Calverley were able to advise me on the best course of action in terms of negotiating a better price and advising me of the long term use prospects. A big thank-you to SC."

Mark Summer - 28th Oct '03

"They were helpful in conducting a planning and development review for my self build land."

A. B. Curtis - 4 Sep '03

"A nice selection of properties are available, from 140K right up to 500K, with good re-development opportunities to be had."

Claire Wilkes - 13 Aug '03

"I got good advice about some pipes going under my land for sale, which helped me sleep a bit easier at night!"

Matthew Gilligan - 14 Jul '03

"Nice service for a wide range of investment property, buying for the long term gain."

John Wells - 4 Jun '03

"I found some good commercial premises to rent through Shuldham Calverley, I recommend them to businesses in Retford wholeheartedly."

James L Black - 18 May '03

"I'm a farmer and found them very helpful on valuing my farm as land for sale now."

Henry Gooding - 1st May '03

"Best in the area for land sales, I think."

Mark Donaldson - 9th Mar '03

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