Comments for Strutt and Parker

"The site is very informative and an excellent precursor to a call and a meeting. You will feel in safe hands with Strutt & Parker. Even my wife was impressed!"

Dominic Quin - 8th January '06

"I particularly like the search facility on the site whereby you click on a map to select your search area and the results are returned. You can change your search radius. Much better then clicking all those drop boxes and menus."

Philip Sanderson - 13th Dec '05

"The Strutt & Parker website has come excellent information on Rural Business, Farming and Agriculture. Most definitely worth a read."

Moreen Pierce - 23rd November '05

"Give them a call if you have any agricultural or farming related queries, they have all the details you could require."

U. Marks - October '05

"A large company that retains that all important one-to-one ethos. You feel like they are really interested in your thoughts and concerns."

Mary-Anne Smith - 11th June '05

"If you are thinking on a business venture, particularly related to sports such as Dry Skiing, Race Courses, Sports Venues, then it is certainly worth visiting the Strutt & Parker website and/or giving their offices a call. I was never aware of the extent of the leisure complexes and sports venues they deal with."

Jeremy Thompson - 2nd May '05

"I found the photographs useful. It is always nice to see what you are intending to buy before you even consider handing over your hard earned cash."

Rupert Anderson- 30th March '05

"I have used Strutt & Parker in the past when fullfilling criteria set out by my clients detailing specifics for a range of various leisure facilities and pursuits."

W. Trent - 12th February '05

"I would recomment Strutt & Parker to any person interested in buying land. They provide and excellent service, especially those looking toward residential development."

M. Judd - 17th November '04

"They have a good choice of land for sale that is suitable for conversion. I'm in the process of heavily renovation an old farm house and will certainly look to renovate another with my father-in-law in the near future."

Dave Kendrick - 9th July '04

"I went to Strutt and Parker last year to buy land which came divided into lots. I decided to buy a single lot of farmland rather than several parcels as a whole."

S Patel - 11th June '04

" Completed the purchase of farm land with equestrian facilities. Smooth transaction, very professional, would recommend. A++"

Tanya - 21st April '04

"Excellent website! Although unlike most people here I was searching for residential land rather than building land , farmland or rural properties."

Peter Farnsworth - 19th April '04

"Many of their properties are buildings with land, rather than purely land sales . "

Jo Brewster - 12th March '04

"My husband and I found an arable farm in the South West although the asking price for the land was too high for our budget."

Glenda Munroe - 21st Feb '04

"I am interested in participating in the development of a derelict property in east London, I would be interested to hear from those with any experience in this area. The building in question is a high-rise office tower."

Mr B Cotteril - 26th Nov '03

"They seem to keep abreast of all the latest developments in rural development land, government legislation, and Plot Sales throughout the UK. I would certainly use them in future!"

Henry Whittaker - 27th Oct '03

"I need to find someone who can help me find land for sale within the M25, but who isn't a big-city-type adviser for people with huge budgets!!!"

Sean F. Rowes - 8 Aug '03

"I've just purchased a beautiful property in Salisbury from Strutt & Parker. I am most impressed with their attention to detail in finding my investment property."

Claire Bradbury - 1 Jun '03

"Excellent and very useful web site. I like being able to see photos of land for sale from the air."

William Farthing - 29 May '03

"Good property search, they seem to have the whole country covered when it comes to finding a house!!!"

Richard Smith - 28 Apr '03

"You can see a virtual tour of the plots Sales - this is a very helpful feature."

D Warren - 2nd Feb '03

"I would like to find a bigger variety of building land for sale, with some smaller Plot Sales."

R Harley - 15th Jan '03

"Do these guys have any land within the M25 but outside central London?"

Robin Hane - 29th Dev '02

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