Villagers oppose composting plant

Plans to build a giant composter on green belt land near the M4 in South Gloucestershire are being opposed.

People in Pucklechurch and Westerleigh said the plant would be a blot on the landscape and could be a health risk.

Waste management company Sita said the composter would break down food and green waste collected by councils.

A spokesman said the chosen site is a balance between being conveniently close to local homes and sufficiently far away enough not to be a nuisance.

Closely regulated

Local councillor Sarah Turley said: "There is opposition from local people, not about the function of the plant, but the site.

"It lies in plateau in greenbelt land, in full view of the area. It is a ridiculous location, it's very close to the crematorium and cemetery which is very insensitive.

"But the main grievance is that it is in greenbelt land and is a very large industrial waste site. It sounds green, but in reality it's going to be huge."

David Robertson, recycling manager for Sita in South Gloucestershire, said: "The site we have chosen strikes a balance between being near to the households it will serve while being well isolated.

"It is over half a mile from the crematorium. The whole composting process will be closely regulated by the Environment Agency and council to ensure it does not cause any nuisance to households and businesses in the area.

"With the exception of towns and villages, virtually all of South Gloucestershire is designated as green belt, but this site is adjacent to the motorway and has good transport links making it the most suitable of available sites."

Sita will make a presentation at a public meeting to be held in Pucklechurch village hall at 2000 GMT on Tuesday., 11.02.2008

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